Happy deck

Sense of Destiny

Suddenly struck by this feeling

Life is like a grand ship, seemingly magnificent

But actually uncontrollably sinking into the deep sea

The shores of happiness are unreachable and unattainable

At this moment, there is only a deck soaked in water

Tilting, sinking gradually

Let's name it the "Deck of Happiness"

Struggling to stand up

Wringing the water from my clothes

Dancing on this deck of happiness

I am left with only this small world

It sways on the sea

But it separates me from the deep sea

The face in front of me is changing

The cellist resembles an old friend

The percussionist seems to be a travel companion from the past

The sound of the strings is melancholic

The faces on the stage

The faces in the audience

In life, there are bonds and countless passing faces

At this moment, they change and merge

Finally becoming one, with no difference

Emperors and wandering monks, kings and beggars, the powerful and village women...

The elderly, children, men and women...

All are faces

I sincerely believe that everything in the world can be forgiven

Because all evil

Is also my own evil

Before falling into the boundless deep sea

Greedily sucking up the summer rain and dew

Indulging in illusions

The violin cries until the very last moment

Laughing heartily until the very last moment

Throwing away the shoes, calmly walking into the deep sea

Entering into silence

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