Day 155

Fancy and Nene were playing on the balcony's cardboard box,
In the kitchen, there were yam balls that you made before you left,
On the bookshelf, there was a newly delivered pink bouquet,
I think you ordered it on your way back to Hangzhou.

A few days ago, you shared an article about "age-gap relationships" with me,
The article said that older women are "cougars",
Attracted by the passion and vitality of younger men,
We joked about it with each other.

Actually, what resonated with me more in the article was
Older women are falling for younger men because many of us have done a good shitload of work on ourselves, and that has led to both healing and growth.

Before falling in love with you, I not only grew older,
But also spent time constantly repairing myself, gently smoothing out the wrinkles in my heart.

Until I fell in love with you, all the growth of becoming a mature woman seemed futile.
Because when I have a fever or work stress, I cry in your arms,
Because of trivial matters, I feel wronged and pitiful,
I hope you stroke my back, so that my breathing can calm down,
Like a baby greedily sucking on milk,
I greedily breathe in your love.

In many moments that you don't know,
Your love has healed me.

The lifespan of the sun is 10 billion years,
There are 8 billion little people on Earth.
The fastest human spacecraft takes 30,000 years to reach the edge of the solar system - the Oort Cloud,
Halley's Comet can be seen from Earth every 76 years, the next time will be in 2061.

When people give blessings, they say: "May you live to be a hundred." A hundred years is our limit.
The probability of meeting and falling in love in the sea of ​​people, they say, is forty-nine in a million.

I met you, fell in love with you, and you happened to love me too. What could be more beautiful than this?

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